Stay Covid-Safe Swan Valley

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Our number one priority at the upcoming Wine Machine Swan Valley is your health and safety. On top of our usual safety planning, we will be implementing a wide range of COVID-safe measures to ensure the safest possible event for all patrons.

Please remember that we are ‘all in this together’ and with your cooperation we will be able to do this again!

What we are doing:
• We have increased the site size at Oakover Grounds to go beyond the 1 per 2 square metre rule.
• We request all patrons arriving together bring at least 1 picnic rug that you set-up at least 2 metres from your neighbour.
• Please plan to arrive earlier than usual, this will help with reducing lines and allowing us to get you in faster while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
• We have increased our cleaning regime, this includes all high-touch surface areas.
• ALL performing artists from NSW are quarantining for 14 days prior to the event and go through all mandatory COVID procedures.
• All staff onsite have completed Covid Infection Control Training.
• Every ticket purchased contains the details we need to contact you after the event. Feel safe in knowing we have the ability to reach out to you if we need to.
• We encourage you to stick around at the end of the event: we have additional DJs playing so your night can continue. Take your time when leaving so we can all do our part in maintaining the 1.5m physical distancing.
• An abundance of hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations will be available throughout the venue. Please use them frequently!
• In addition to regular First Aid facilities, there will be a dedicated COVID-safe facility on-site. If you begin feeling unwell or unsure please speak directly with the COVID marshals or visit the COVID-safe facility.
• We will be implementing capacity-controlled pens near the stage for the first time to enforce the 1 per 2 square metre guidelines. Please be patient and kind to those around you.
• We have a COVID Event officer who will be in charge of a dedicated COVID-safe team looking after all our new measures at this years’ event. Please treat them with respect and gratitude and listen to their requests. they are here to help keep us all safe!
• We are going 100% cashless across all bars and food outlets. No Cash, Cards only.
• We request you keep 1.5 metres from people in front and behind you when queuing at the; entry, bars, food outlets and toilets.

What you can do:
• Download the Covid Safe app Bring your card or phone to make payments, no facilities will be accepting cash.
• Practise good hand hygiene. Wash your hands before and after every bathroom visit, and before eating and drinking!
• If you are feeling unwell or have been unwell in the last 14 days we kindly ask that you do not attend the event. I know we are only human but please elbow bump when greeting friends – avoid hugging – together we stop the spread.
• Practice good hygiene and always cover your mouth with your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
• Respect each other’s space, please keep 1.5m from other groups when dancing, lining up and moving around the venue.

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