McLaren Vale 2019 Gourmet Gatherings Announced

By November 18, 2019 No Comments

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new gourmet marketplace: Le Marché.

Wine Machine is flipping festival-fare on its face with the roll-out of our exclusive gourmet marketplace that marries together and showcases the freshest local produce of the region with the best chefs in each state to create a selection of culinary delights that will take your senses on a journey!

You’ve spent time on your outfit. The winemakers have spent time on the vino. We’ve spent time beautifying the venue. It’s time for us to up the food game.Of course there will also be a selection of your all time favourites as we cater to all palates and dietaries… but for those who are in the market for something a little more gourmet, welcome to Le Marché. Just follow your nose!

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