Getting there – General info

We are organising bus transfers for each Wine Machine location. Please scroll down for information specific to your city.

What does the return bus include?
All buses depart towards the event from your selected location at your selected departure time. All buses depart from the event back to the same location at the end of the event from 9.30pm. We highly recommend purchasing a return bus ticket as it will guarantee your transport to and from the event easily.

What time will the buses leave?
Buses will start to leave at the time specified on your ticket and continue to depart at frequent intervals on a fill and go system.

We recommend arriving before your departure time. There are no refunds if you miss the buses, however they are not going to leave without you unless you are two hours late.

Wine Machine will not be held responsible for any persons who miss the last bus.

What do I need to have with me?
You must have your Wine Machine bus ticket preferably PRINTED and event ticket to present before getting on the bus along with valid 18+ ID.

What time can I get a bus home?
Buses will start departing from 9.30pm on a fill and go basis.

Where will the buses depart from?
At the end of the night, your bus will be waiting at the same place you were dropped off. All buses will dropping all passengers off in the locations they were picked up. Please make necessary arrangements from there.

Can you take food/drinks on the bus?
There is strictly no food/drinks allowed on the bus.

I want to change the departure time on my bus, can I do this?
Unfortunately all purchases are final. We do not allow you to change the departure time after purchase.

I’m coming in a private/party bus, private van, do I need to pay for a pass?
Yes. You must purchase a ‘Private Bus/Van Pass’ on the ticketing page.

I’m driving to the event, is there free parking?
Each location is different, please refer to the winery website for information.

Can I organise an uber/taxi after the event?
We highly recommend against this. Due to the location, there are not many taxis/ubers available. We recommend purchasing a return bus ticket which will guarantee your transport to and from the event.